Wills, Estate Planning and Administration

Bradley Allen Love boasts a specialist estate planning, wills, probate, estate administration, and estate disputes team that practises across all Australian jurisdictions with a particular focus on Canberra, New South Wales, and Queensland.

We consider a deep understanding of all areas of estates law to be critical for our clients. Many lawyers still see it as a generalist area of practice so it is not surprising that many firms work in this area with varying degrees of emphasis. What makes Bradley Allen Love Lawyers unique is that we are one of very few local law firms that have a specialist, dedicated estates team.

Our lawyers are highly-trained, experienced, energetic, and are thought leaders in the estates law community. Many have completed or are completing a Masters of Law (Applied Law) majoring in Wills & Estates through the College of Law in New South Wales.

Having well written wills, estate plans and organising a power of attorney is the best gift you can leave your loved ones when you pass away. It minimises the stress and burden on your family at an already difficult time.

Making a Will enables you to choose who will administer your estate and gives you a level of certainty about what will happen to your assets. It also provides an opportunity to nominate guardians for your children. If you pass away without a Will, legislation will determine who receives your assets. This legislation is very rigid and can lead to unjust results.

As the Canberra community evolves with an ageing population, complex family relationships and an increasing concentration on wealth in superannuation, it is even more important to have a suitable estate plan in place.

Our Estates Lawyers take a holistic approach to estate planning, considering your broader personal, family and financial circumstances to ensure your wealth is passed onto the people you wish to benefit in an efficient and tax-effective way. We give substantial advice to clients about complicated legal issues in estates and guardianship matters. This often involves advice in relation to their rights to access Courts or Tribunals whether as a sole applicant, plaintiff, or defendant.

In particular, Bradley Allen Love can assist you with:

  • The preparation of Wills, including Wills which incorporate testamentary trusts
  • Establishing special disability trusts for the benefit a family member with a disability
  • Effective estate planning for blended families
  • Superannuation advice including binding death benefit nominations
  • The preparation of Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Guardianship matters
  • Advice for attorneys and trustees on their duties and obligations
  • Estate administration
  • Estate litigation

Our Canberra based Estate Lawyers are committed to providing young and mature Australians with a legally binding Will and Estate Plan.

If you would like to set up your will and estate plan, please contact us.