Workplace Training

BAL Lawyers Employment Law & Investigations Group can provide training packages for organisations, general staff and managers and even individuals on most employment law topics.

We can host your people in our Canberra based-offices (including catered packages), via webinar for remote attendees, or we can come to you. We focus on providing an interactive and inquiry-based sessions, suitable for adult learning that are tailored to the needs of your workplace.

The end result is that your people learn something valuable (that may prevent or reduce liability at a later date), and compliance obligations are ticked off in the process.

Here’s a few of the most popular topics:

  • Conduct No-No’s: Bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination at work
  • Respectful workplace relationships
  • Social Media Use at Work
  • Work Health & Safety: The basics
  • Managing workplace grievances
  • Whistleblowing: Rights and Obligations
  • How to run a workplace investigation

We can keep records to assist the organisation prove attendance. Combined with the professional standard of service delivery associated with a law firm, this will assist your organisation in the discharge of some vicariously liability  and officer’s due diligence obligations, that arise  under discrimination, WHS and Corporations Act laws.

Pricing can be fixed fee, time costed or per participant basis, depending on your particular needs. Contact us to discuss your workplace training needs today.