Representation in Court

BAL’s Employment Law & Investigations Group can represent you or your organisation in most HR matters across all forums.  We all want justice and fair treatment. Fighting to get it can be expensive and stressful. BAL’s Employment Law Group understands this reality, and will work with you to try to achieve sensible outcomes.

You might just need a support person or an advocate to navigate a difficult workplace meeting with you. Maybe you need someone to negotiate the terms of an employment contract, or exit arrangement, or to brief a Board. We do this everyday (and often at short notice).

You may need a skilled representative for a conciliation convened by tribunals such as the Fair Work Commission, the Australian Human Rights Commission, the NSW Anti Discrimination Board, the ACT Human Rights Commission, ACAT or NCAT. Perhaps you may need representation in a professional disciplinary matter, before an inquiry or other commission. We know how to persuade, how to negotiate (and when not to), and how to meticulously document a settlement.

If a matter is litigated, we can advocate for you in the relevant Court as solicitor on the record; attend mediations and hearings and brief Counsel if necessary. Our Employment Law Group solicitors frequently appear in HR-related courts such as the Federal Circuit Court, the Federal Court, ACT Magistrate’s Court, the ACT Supreme Court and the NSW Local and District Courts, as well as specialist tribunals such as the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and other worker’s compensation courts/tribunals across the country.

BAL Lawyers are committed to giving you a fair estimate of our costs, and keep you updated if things change.