Employment Law Advice

Lead by accredited specialists in Employment and Industrial Law, BAL’s Employment Law Group provides practical advice covering all aspects of the employment relations process, including:

Starting out

  • Entitlements (awards, contracts and enterprise agreements)
  • Proper classification of your workers: employee, independent contractor, director, officer or volunteer?
  • Contract negotiation, executive remuneration, incentive payment schemes, restraint of trade clauses

Along the way

  • Conduct issues (fraud, bullying, harassment, discrimination, ‘personality clashes’, adverse action claims, and occupational discipline)
  • Performance management
  • WHS, illness, Injuries and workers compensation:  compliance and excellence
  • Surveillance and workplace privacy
  • Unions, collective agreements and industrial action


  • Redundancies
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Notice of dismissal
  • Unlawful termination (breach of contract, general protection, discrimination claims)
  • Tax and settlement payments
  • Deeds of separation

Post separation

  • Restraint of trade issues
  • Confidential information
  • Underpayments claims