Drafting HR Documents

BAL Lawyers Employment Law & Investigations Group has sustained expertise in drafting of employment documents, such as:

  • Employment Contracts
  • Independent Contracting Agreements
  • Services Agreements
  • Enterprise Agreements
  • Deeds of Separation

We provide template employment contracts on a fixed price basis. Visit the HR Breakfast Club website to purchase these documents online. For more complex drafting of contracts, or other documents, we estimate our fees based on a time-cost basis.

We also draft HR policies that work, and focus on ensuring your organisation:

  • has the HR policies that it needs (and only those that it needs)
  • has HR policies that comply with the law in a way that actually works for the organisation
  • has HR policies that are consistent with each other, and are consistent with your employment contracts, Modern Awards and Enterprise Agreements
  • has HR policies that do not contain terms that might be considered to be part of the employment contract

We have compiled a range of template HR Policies across key HR issues for purchase that meet these essential criteria. They cover topics such as:

  • WHS
  • Bullying, harassment and Discrimination
  • Social Media Use
  • IT & Confidentiality
  • Underperformance and Misconduct
  • Whistleblowing

The BAL Employment Law & Investigation Group can also draft bespoke policies, additional policies, or provide advice about how your policies integrate with your other employment law obligations on a time cost basis.