Mind, Body & Soul

We are fiercely proud of being a law firm that practises what it preaches in providing a balanced lifestyle for its employees. From Yoga to Boot camp, nutrition seminars to massages, our office well being program isn’t just about physical fitness, it’s about balancing a high pressure work environment with education and an appropriate physical release to assist the mental health of our staff. The focus is not on working until you burn out but ensuring you take the time to enjoy your work environment and to maximise your performance by maintaining your health and fitness.

We wanted to foster an environment that would lead to more staff interaction, rather than just making small talk around the water cooler. Now, eight years in, we have a diverse group of staff participating in our fitness programs, from Directors to Office Clerks. We believe this group-orientated, entry-level staff approach to workplace health and well being is a real point of differentiation for the firm, and we have juniors of the firm pulling Directors along by rubber bands! There is no hierarchy with exercise and this translates back into our workplace.

The team bonding experiences are also a plus. When colleagues attend Boot camp it becomes a great team bonding opportunity and a chance to socialise with other members of the firm where staff do not see each other or interact on a daily basis, says John Wilson, Managing Legal Director.

More importantly, we are also conscious of the high rates of stress and depression that historically affect our profession and know that the additional vitamin D and exercise obtained through our program may go some way to alleviate this for staff. It is our goal to ensure we provide a happy and supportive workplace and we know our healthy work strategies have both a mental and physical benefit for our staff, that can also be incorporated into their lifestyle outside of work.

The Directors of BAL are passionate about encouraging staff to adopt a healthy outlook and facilitate this by providing numerous different health programs for staff.

BAL started a formal well-being program including boot camp style physical fitness lessons for all staff from 2006 and over the years evolving the program to include running groups, yoga classes, nutritional and mental health seminars, health checks, massages, and weekly fruit baskets.

ACT Healthier Work

In 2015 BAL sought recognition from ACT Healthier Work for a 12 month health and well-being plan. 4 years on, in January 2019, BAL were very pleased to receive our Platinum status trophy.

BAL has continued to adopt a holistic approach which now includes activities for fitness, mental health and healthy eating, bolstering the already impressive program with new initiatives such as salad club, mindfulness sessions as well as promotion of stress management techniques, including mindfulness practices.

Mental health and stress are particular components of the program BAL has spent more time on to support their staff’s wellbeing, recognising high stress is a natural occurrence in a fast paced law firm.